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FOX News
Jan 1, 2010 6:00pm EST
of the outreach, and the efact it's had. copenhagen in underreported story he arrives late and he wants an agreement with the chinese premier. but he makes a strong statement on arrival that the chinese have to allow inspections. the chinese are insulted as the meetings he scheduled with the chinese prime minister. the prime minister doesn't show up. he sends a deputy to the first meeting. then an even lower level associate to a second. same with iran, where obama is rebuffed again and again and again with the russians. he got nothing in return. you wonder how long this process -- and the promise always is well, we are planning to seeds, it takes a while. we have to relax america's image. when the world loves us again we get cooperation. it hasn't happened and you wonder how long he will wait. >> bret: a.b., his critics say he was naive on a number of decisions and a number of actions. do you think that the president has really grown or changed in his first year in office? >> the most interesting question as we head to next year is whether or not we will see heads roll, new chief of sta
Jan 3, 2010 10:30am EST
berlin to copenhagen. it was in copenhagen on our flight to the u.s. that we saw the extra security. it was only the flights going to the u.s. as far as i could see that were getting the extra screening. >> schieffer: cheap reed, vice president cheney has been leading the republican attack. he said that the president simply is pretending that we're not at war with al qaeda. isn't the president going to really have to step out and take some decisive action here if for no other reason than just to counter this kind of criticism from the other side? >> well, you talk to them and they believe he already has. with the two statements that he gave and then the address that he gave yesterday, but, you know, the criticism diana and i think the reason it resonate s is because he becomes across a bit detached and cerebral when he makes these statements. when he finally did express frustration and maybe a little anger it wasn't so much towards the terrorists. it was toward the people who didn't stop them. so, you know, is there going to be the kind of change in tone that a lot of people really
FOX News
Jan 2, 2010 2:00pm EST
to make that vote. >> it's like the commitment that obama made in copenhagen we're going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to help the developing world reduce carbon. the democrats want to spend the money in the old u.s. of a and they're spending money there and stuff like this is going to be marginal for congressional democrats. >> and also the decision to try the 9/11 terrorists in new york, these are political decisions that obama's making to throw bones to his left wing. >> paul: and a big wild card this year, the special counsel, that attorney general eric holder appoint today look into whether the cia and bush administration officials should be indicted for their anti-terror policies. if he indicts, recommending indicting some of those you're going to see a firestorm. >> there's a good chance he'll make that recommendation. >> paul: all right, dorothy. we have to take one more break and when we come back the big events that will shape 2010 and beyond. our panel's predictions are next. @ >> time now for our new year's predictions and it's on tape, so we're going to hold you
FOX News
Jan 2, 2010 11:00pm EST
that. >> like the commit in the copenhagen we'd spend hundreds of billions to help the developing world reduce carbon. the democrats want to spend money in the usa. they are spending money there. stuff like this i think is absolutely marginal for the congressional democrats. >> and goes with the decision to try the 9/11 terrorist in new york. political decisions to make to throw bones to the left. >> paul: big white house, special counsel that attorney genre rick holder appointed to look into whether the c.i.a. and bush administration officials should be indicted for the anti-terror policies. the he indicts, recommending indicting those, you will see a firestorm. >> paul: there is a good chance that he will make that recommendation. >> >> all right. we have to take one more break. when we come back, big events to shape 2010 and beyond. the panel's predictions are next. next. o >> paul: time now for our new year's predictions and it's on tape. so we're going to hold you to them, all right? play them next year. all right, dan. >> my prediction flows out of all the anxiety we've been pum
Jan 17, 2010 4:00pm EST
for human beings? and means we may not be able to stop this. we may go to copenhagen and we may say, let's vote for this or let's vote to vote for this at some other time. let's cap emissions. let's see if we can slow this down. that the chances are we won't. the chances are we won't -- there won't be coming out of copenhagen a massive intention to stop global warming. meanwhile, talking about it but it's not going to happen easily or quickly. so while we are looking eyecare is not necessarily the elimination of human race. but we're still looking at the elimination of the polar bear. this is the cover of newsweek. the polar god itself with a lot of effort and with a lot of congregationalists. got himself a twist in agony endangered species, which means you cannot shoot them in the united states. people can shoot them in canada and in russia and england, but you can shoot them in america. you can't bring the carcass of the polar bear you shot them roust into the united states. i met someone in the united states was on this this very trip that i'm about to tell you about. we were on the s
FOX News
Jan 26, 2010 6:00am EST
-- they stay at a really nice hotel. they stayed at the marriott in copenhagen when they went to the climate summit. it was five star. it was $2200 per night. each one of the congressmen had a bill for $4400. now, that is obviously way north of what the average american spends even on their mortgage payments. and that was just for two days of fun over in copenhagen. >> it was guys and gals. there were republicans and democrats there. the total bill was $404,000. here to me was the most disturbing part of this is that when these members of congress were questioned about this kind of expenditure and using taxpayer money, many of them said they'd never seen the bills or the expense reports. isn't there an inherent problem in that? that, i guess, we have so much tax money from all of us to just throw around that nobody bothers to look at how much things cost? this is what henry waxman had to say about it, democrat from california. i was there because i thought it was important for me to be there. i didn't look at it as a pleasure trip. only problem is i think the average american would look at $
Jan 7, 2010 6:00am EST
on "oprah," how about real, dubai, copenhagen? oprah is on location around the world. >> we are not volunteer arlington. to volunteer to they come up go to, keyword "volunteer." >> good morning, waington. >>> bristol palin joins the business world. >> and the bush family apparently needs more space. philip stewart is that the live desk this morning. good morning. >> former president george bush with wife borat needs more space. they have the house next door knocked down. they bought the second house last year for about half a million dollars. there was speculation secret service agents with stay there. but they just wanted more space on their property. bristol palin is going public, public relations, that is. she is setting up her own puic-relations firm in anchorage. she of course has made lots of headlines after she gave birth to a son in december of 2008. ta a look at this. in mcdonald's customers in kansas city was unhappy with her hamburger. she took out her rage on the employee. she was not -- she did not get a refund. she threw a bucket of water including a b
Jan 4, 2010 5:00pm EST
in copenhagen where you saw president obama having to wrestle with all these tensions. can you imagine the nerve it took to walk into closed-door sessions as the president blowing at diplomatic protocol, wrenching the copenhagen assembly out of its original approach and into something new and doing this not knowing if it was going to work. in the article, i wrote about an important moment for president obama and he would get to this one way or another. this would be in the summer of 1864 near the end of president lincoln's first term. he reelection campaign is going and it is not going well. in fact, he in of the political experts in the country think he is going to lose. furthermore they think he is going to lose to general mcclellan who will not pursue lankan score policies in the civil war. lincoln, at that point, is living with the idea that he said hundreds of thousands of young men to their deaths for a failed war. he will be known as the president to failed to hold the union together. he is getting up every morning with that knowledge, living with a wife who was, frankly at times, psychot
Jan 27, 2010 4:00pm EST
to cut emissions. he had a real seat at the table in copenhagen, and this is the story that he's been spending much of his time on. but in addition we also talked about global markets. i asked him about currencies today, how he's investing and he had some interesting things to say about the valuations in the stock market. how do you see things right now in terms of the environment, globally speaking and in the u.s. right now? where are we in the cycle? >> i think that the collapse of the depression was prevented. the collapse the financial markets was avoided or the off the life support actually worked so the markets are now stabilized. the premiums have shrunk back to normal levels. so that's -- that's fine. and the economy has begun to move forward. but it's only moving forward because it's pushed by the stimulus and that's particularly true in the united states. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on the president's proposals in the banking industry? >> well i'm very supportive. i think it's a step in the right direction. because the banking system has to be changed. this idea of a
Jan 4, 2010 4:00pm EST
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Jan 5, 2010 4:00pm EST
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Jan 19, 2010 11:00pm EST
, such as the u.n. human rights council, and was recently the copenhagen climate change conference, which demonstrated spectacularly the fatuousness of such international structures, eye of common purpose, a common interest,, and governance. and yet the value of these international institutions and paper agreements seems to leave no lasting impression. did we really learn nothing from the early 20th-century experience, with its repeated and dimmed attempts to regulate the capital ships of the great powers for unable conferences? did we really learn nothing from the kellogg pact, whose signatories incidently included germany and japan? it abolished war forever. and inserted a that the u.s. secretary of state won the nobel peace prize. sound familiar? but at least they ashley sign be useless treaty. obama got it for imagined useless treaty, most notably the one he has been insisting on from prague to new york on universal nuclear disarmament. the night it of obama can be seen in his most recent poll, the dramatic -- the most dramatic of which appeared on september 24, one day after obama sp
Jan 23, 2010 10:00am EST
manifestations. the united nations, the various parties, and most recently, the copenhagen conference, which demonstrated the fatuousness of such international structures. çóyet this seems to leave no lasting impression. we really have learned nothing from the early 20th-Ñicentury experience, from repeated and doomed attempts to regulate the capital shifts of the great powers. did we learn nothing from the kellogg pact that abolished war forever, with a certainty that one frank keller look at the nobel peace prize in 1929? sound familiar? but i believe kellogg actually signed a treaty. [laughter] obama got it over imagined useless treaties, like those insisted on for nuclear disarmament. the best of the internationalism can be seen in the pursuit of the global, the most dramatic instance of which occurred on september 24, one day after obama's speech to the general assembly where he ostentatiously addressed to the security council. obama had knowledge thadr iran had constructed a secret uranium enrichment facility. the french and british were urging him to use that study at the council to
Jan 29, 2010 1:00pm EST
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Jan 29, 2010 5:00pm EST
and actually said just a few years ago, when he was in copenhagen, president bush said he wanted all these terrorists brought into america to be brought tried by a federal court. so let's do it. >> what do you think, congressman, of the way the obama administration is making these kinds of sensitive decisions, a year ago the president said to gitmo the prison camp could be shut down one one year. he's failed to meet that deadline and now it's open-en d open-ended. we don't know what's going to happen. then he said the trial will take place in lower manhattan. now apparently they have to walk away with this. what's your assessment of the way this administration makes these kinds of sensitive national security decisions, making promises and failing to deliver? >> wolf, you have a point, but i'm also disappointed in congress. those senators and those congress members that three years ago were calling for sitting down gitmo, but yet all of a sudden becomes almost at times a political issue, where is the courage? congress? so that the president would help stay the course. yeah, i wish th
Jan 25, 2010 7:00am EST
's -- the brazilian president's speech in copenhagen where he said, the problem is the white people in the world. the second question is there is a country -- a company in brazil that is an offshore drilling company that in june, the obama administration gave a $15 billion loan to and i think is quite ironic that in february, george soros bought majority shares in that company. effectively, this administration has paid back george soros for getting elected with taxpayer funds. guest: i do not know anything about the second issue, but i can comment on the first. the brazilian president is a colorful, charismatic leader. then he has been for some to, to a half years. very annoyed that they have had to do things that the united states and europe-not have to do. and he has -- have not had to do. and he has been very open about saying that they have not had to do things that they've had to do in developing countries. host: salt lake city, democratic cruller. caller: we have -- and democratic collar. host: we have more natural gas than any of the country. wyoming has a huge amount. we have not even pu
Jan 3, 2010 7:00am EST
see yesterday the guy that drew the mohammed bomb was attacked in his barn in copenhagen with an axe and a knife. it's - you know i mean if you can't even draw a cartoon about mo' ham ed who's not god, it's ridiculous. have you ever showed the cartoon on c-span? you can't let these people control us. i think you should show it. host: we did years ago. it's been three or four years though. caller: i don't know. salmon rush ty probably still has a hide out. these people - the so-called muslims that aren't extremists. can't speak out against them because that's against the koran. they'll kill you. see what it says. i don't see a lot of people speaking out against the religion because they can't do it. it's scary. host: thanks for the call. front page story. obama ties al qaeda to the plane scare. the president back at the white house tomorrow. ben from north carolina. good morning. is yemen the new front on terrorism? caller: i think since the place is no bigger than it is, the town of whatever it is, i think we should blow them off the map because that's where all these people are
FOX News
Jan 7, 2010 6:00am EST
on copenhagen, didn't really get a consensus going except yeah, we're going to have another meeting in a while. but you say enough of that poppy cock. it's time to move to plan b. what is plan b in your estimation? what should we be doing? >> plan b is what mankind has always done throughout the ages what mankind does in different parts of the globe at the present time where the temperature is very different in countries, very cold countries and what people do is they adapt. mankind is superb and at adapting and we are better now because of modern technology adapt to go whatever nature and the climate throws at us than we've ever been before. so that is what we should do. that is what we will do. that is plan b. the idea that you can get a global agreement on decor car -- decarbonization is poppy cook. even if you did, it shows you're not going to. the meeting later this year is a complete waste of time. even if you did get an agreement, the cost to the economy will be far greater than any benefit you would conceivably get. >> so you suggest -- we just keep using fossil fuel, carbon based stuf
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
, is in africa completely and utterly -- >> that was copenhagen, not after. >> no, sir. >> if you think you're defending that we should have found -- should have been alerted to this individual, then -- >> senator, i apologize. >> okay. has anyone been held a couple? >> we have reviewed a number of people. >> admiral blair? >> you and i have a navy background, senator mccain, and you know that you do to sort of investigations when something bad is that the first is a safety investigation to fix the parts of the system that you get the word out and it doesn't happen again. the second is the accountability of part of the investigation. >> actually it's been my expect when the captain of the ship does something wrong, something goes wrong on his watch, the captain is relating the leader to don't go off without to the uss missouri, sir. >> the captain is sometimes really does sometimes he isn't. >> the captain is relieved until such time he is clear. i would be glad to go over naval history with you. my question is, has anybody been held accountable? >> we're doing investigations now so we don'
Jan 20, 2010 8:00pm EST
that he use cash is in africa completely and utterly -- >> that was in copenhagen, not africa. >> no, sir, he bought that ticket -- >> you are defending that we should not have found -- we should not have been alerted to this individual, sir -- >> sir, i apologize. we are reviewing all of these individuals and the president is reviewing my performance as well. >> admiral bellaire? >> you when i haven't -- you and i have a navy background. the first investigation as a safety investigation to fix the parts of the system. the second is the accountability part of the investigation. >> it has been miky experience that the captain is relieved immediately. >> the captain is sometimes relief and sometimes he is not. >> until such time as he is cleared. i would be glad to go over naval history with you. my question is, has anyone been held accountable? >> we are doing investigation to make sure we do not hold them accountable based on bad information but accountable on what the standards that they were expected to board formed to work. and that is under way as i said in my opening statement. the s
Jan 19, 2010 1:00pm EST
billion commitment to a host of humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. in copenhagen, it was japan and the prime minister that provided the most generous support for efforts in the developing world to deal with the adaptations that climate change will bring to the disadvantaged. -- and we have seen japanese support to haiti, communicated directly to the secretary when we were in hawaii. i think overall we've seen indications of this new government -- and we believe it will be critical in the coming months to make sure that our two governments are working closely together. you but clearly our issues that require more work and more consultation and from the u.s. government perspective, we're prepared to work with our japanese interlocketters. we've outlined what's our best way forward with the r.f.r. plan, and we expect those consultations with our senior japanese interlocketters will be continuing. i'll be leading a delegation to japan in about two weeks' time where we will continue those discussions going forward. i think the secretary and the prime minister wants to use next year
Jan 20, 2010 10:00am EST
and pass a clean energy bill. and those who think that we should do nothing because copenhagen didn't reach an agreement, i'll tell you what, the chinese are not waiting. they are building solar plants. they are building electric lithium ion batteries. they are building new energy efficient windows. the u.s. senate needs to join us and create a job energy creating engine and pass the energy bill. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. johnson: thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. many of my colleagues in the house are ignoring the american people. our constituents are holding rallies, posting blogs, talking with their neighbors, writing to their congressman and doing everything in their power to get them to listen. the american people are telling us loud and clear, they don't want a government takeover of health care. listen to them. massachusetts did. americans want, need and deserve better than a budget busting trilli
Jan 5, 2010 12:00pm EST
with leaders of various nations, economic summits. we recently had the climate change summit in copenhagen. any thoughts by this administration or any a of his counterparts overseas to having some sort of antiterrorism summit in the near future or in the future? >> guest: you ñknow, there's ben some speculation on that front. the u.k. -- sometimes summits come as a result of leaders who are in trouble. so you might have, you know, somebody in europe -- to host some kind of summit to be able to bring all these leaders forward and show that they're doing something. >> host: our last call for evan perez comes from segoville, texas, james on our line for republicans. go ahead. >> i'm wondering why we're so concerned about the air traffic  if i were a terrorist i would hop a ship and go to latin america or canada and really do some damage. i can't7(w believe that they do do something about our borders before they start all this crap about the air traffic. i know it's the fastest mode of transportation but the surest way would be like i said. and another thing, why are you having so much democrats
Jan 1, 2010 1:00pm EST
of this phase i really enjoyed drawing. he is back in the news now with the copenhagen accord. this is al gore. he has this very distinctive shape to his head a kind of goes one line like this, and then the other line like this. that is where you start with al gore. then you give them this hair, very reagan-esque hair that goes like this. he has the years a spot from star trek. -- the years of spock -- the ears of spock. he has kind of an elvis-like mouth that goes like this. already, you can start to see it is beginning to look like him a little bit, right? but the keep it is people often say he lost the 2000 election because of florida. a few hundred votes in florida. i say that was not it. he lost the election because he has the eyes of death. that is al gore for you. what do you think? am i right? yes, that is al gore. it does not help with this mole sticking out of his neck right there. so i will sign this one here. here you go. for you. let's get another character with a distinctive bass. john kerry. long face, right? here is the face. the face starts of here. long face. long face. long
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)